18 May 2018

Malditos: "Le Réve"

Impenetrable storms of droning psychedelia
It should come as no surprise that an entity as eclectic as Malditos hails from one of musical experimentation's current strongholds, Oakland, California. Malditos is very much a mindset band. Their darkened, nocturnal desert drones are real party killers, but with the right state of mind and setting, Le Réve turns into a rich, nightmarish phantasmagoria cascading from the your mind's eye. The darkness painted by the Oakland tribe of artists is oppressively thick and impenetrable.

11 May 2018

Skogen: "Skuggorna Kallar"

A turn to something worse, or the beginning of a new exciting chapter?
Skogen is one of those bands that just keep getting better and better. From Vittra in 2009, through Svitjod and Eld, I Döden from 2014 was the culmination of a lengthy venture into the ultimate combination of traditional black metal guitar riffs and exceptionally immersive atmosphere. I Döden was - and still is - one of the most surprising and stand-out black metal albums of the 2010s for me. But leave it to Skogen to throw us another curve ball.

4 May 2018

Taphos: "Come Ethereal Darkness"

No victim to trend or riffless nightmares
We're really being spoiled with the amount of gruesome Danish death metal coming out these days. With bands like Phrenelith, Undergang, Deiquisitor and Sulphurous causing a teeth-rattling ruckus, it's amazing there's even still more room in hell for another contender - The mighty Taphos.

27 Apr 2018

Fedrespor: "Tid"

Through experimentation, Tid leaps into uncertainty with great success
With norse-themed folk I've come to except the likes of Wardruna, who seem obsessed - at least from a laymans point of view - with quote unquote authenticity and historical accuracy in their instrumentation. With the popularity of the soundtrack of the Vikings series, that style has in its own niche become almost commonplace, altough precious few do it well.

20 Apr 2018

Robespierre: "Garden of Hell"

Where's the excitement?
Ancient, overlooked gems of pristine heavy metal is worth more than any measure of gold, and when stories like that of UK's Hell, who returned after 20 years with the phenomenal debut album that never was, surface every so often, there's definitely something enticing about the whole rags-to-riches aspect of the mythos. Perhaps inspired by their success - and/or stories like theirs - Robespierre has been vomited forth from the bowels of the underworld with their first album since they started out back in 1983.

15 Apr 2018


TONEwood Music is thrilled to present Disrule and The Silent Low, for the first time on glorious TAPE!
In 2017, these two Danish groups released an EP, both available only digitally - Until now. Disrule's The MD.441 EP was recorded entirely using the legendary Sennheiser MD.441 microphone which the four-song EP takes its name after, and The Silent Low worked together with famed producer Jacob Bredahl on their third release, From The Underground. Both these mammoth metal-rock release are now available for the first time on physical media, and together for extra value!

13 Apr 2018

Fu Manchu: "Clone of the Universe"

SoCal ramblings galore
Break out your skateboard, grow out your oddly specific beard style, and bring your best sunglasses: It's time for a new Fu Manchu record! If you expect a bunch of sun-baked, tarmac-scented stoner rock tunes, you never really can go wrong with Scott Hill and company.