20 Feb 2018

Collection Addiction #10

Collection Addiction #10
When you add something to your end-year list of best releases, you better put your money where your mouth is and add those albums to your collection too. Aaand there are a few others too, of course.

16 Feb 2018

Sammal: "Suuliekki"

Brilliant fourth entry from Finnish prog-rockers
When a piece of music is excessively catchy it often comes with the issue that you grow tired of it quicker. Catchiness often comes from simple, repeated melodies and easy-to-follow song structures. But Sammal's brand of catchiness is a creature entirely different. Every time I receive a new Sammal release in my inbox, it takes exactly one listen to get the entire album stuck in my head.

13 Feb 2018

Collection Addiction #9

Collection Addiction #9
As far as labels go, Extremely Rotten Productions are definitely among my favourites. And with a selection like this, any rotten-to-the-gore death metal fanatic should agree.

9 Feb 2018

Over the Voids...: "Over the Voids"

Consistently uninteresting with few exceptions
Over the years I've found the part of the black metal scene that consists of one-man bands to be the most hit-or-miss prone part. The Fall is a Polish musician who has been involved with quite a few bands, playing live bass for the likes of Mgla and Clandestine Blaze. Over the Voids... is the first band in which he claims the guitar (and all other roles within the band as well) as his instrument, and that does show in the final product.

6 Feb 2018

Collection Addiction #8

Collection Addiction #8
Finally these are made available on vinyl! This lot is a bit old by now actually...

2 Feb 2018

Anialator: "Rise to Supremacy"

Resuscitated thrashers on life-support
When an underground 80s metal band resurfaces some 30 years after their last true release, you really got to ask yourself if today's thrash metal scene has a place for them. Anialator never had a real breakthrough with their twin EPs in the late 80s, likely facing an oversaturated scene that was already beginning to move toward a different style.

26 Jan 2018

Bolido: "Heavy Bombers"

Stone cold heavy metal bombardment
Chile's heavy rock meteorites Bolido pretty much sound exactly like you'd expect from an album with a harsh, angular band logo adorning a picture of war planes carpet bombing the Earth with guitar munitions from orbit. Bolido's brand of heavy and moderately fast classic metal is a strictly no-frills experience, but does it have thrills then? The band's noticably thunderous rhythm section surely brings some personality to their compositions, but with this sort of retro-styled metal it's always a matter of whether or not the band is capable of matching the massive hooks that made the bands that inspired them huge to begin with.