20 Oct 2017

Homegas: Homegas

American country folk for those willing to listen
Homegas is one of those gems that you just come randombly across once in a while. And like so often before, it of course comes at a kind of steep price if you want it physically, and you just might have to get the vinyl if you want to legitimately listen to the album as it's not present on any streaming sites.

13 Oct 2017

Wongraven: Fjelltronen

Let's return to the past to a simpler time
With Satyricon's newest album, Deep Calleth Upon Deep, being sort of boring, now is a good time to be remembering all the great things Satyr has made over the years. Of course he and Frost have a number of amazing Satyricon albums behind them, but Fjelltronen is an oft overlooked album by Satyr.

10 Oct 2017

Collection Addiction #3

Collection Addiction #3
This lot I got from an antiques market in my home town. I wasn't even planning on going, let alone buying anything, but I accidentally passed by a vinyl seller who had lots of old rock records. This is what I ended up getting.

6 Oct 2017

Eruption: Cloaks of Oblivion

Giving the oldies a run for their money, one down-stroked thrash chord at a time.
Who would've thought a country like Slovenia would be home to some absolutely world class acts? Of course it isn't really a stretch of the imagination, but even so it's not often you hear from them on an international basis. In 2016, Teleport impressed with progressive thrash tunes on the Ascendance EP, but 2017 is ruled supremely by Eruption.

3 Oct 2017

Collection Addiction #2

Collection Addiction #2
I recently attended the opening of ReSpin, a sort of daily record fair in Denmark, where I had the opportunity to bring home some good stuff. My last post was a bunch of CDs, but this time we're bringing home some vinyl!

29 Sep 2017

Com Truise: Iteration

The king of dream synth lets his latest album fall to a slow-burning state
When I first heard Galactic Melt, I was sold. It was unlike anything I'd heard, taking the aesthetic of 80s nerd culture and forging it into something more modern and accessible. Daft Punk and likeminded artists seem like obvious contemporaries to draw comparisons to, but Com Truise did something completely different with the same source material by making it decisively less danceable and poppy, in a way staying a little more true to the retro style.

26 Sep 2017

Satyricon Rant

The artwork in question

Boo hoo, people don't like our new album cover
Satyricon recently posted a sort of passive aggressive rant on their Facebook, where Satyr and Frost are visiting the official Edvard Munch Museum. In their own words they are "proud and happy to hear how pleased the Munch Museum was with the way we have used his art on our cover," and that they (the Munch Museum) were "a little bit surprised to hear about the banal reactions of a sorry and weak minority," referring of course to the relatively large amount of people who think the cover looks lame as hell.